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How to setup YSF2DMR on PiStar for Brandmeister

Brandmeister is by far the more popular DMR network. Setting up your YSF radio to work with Brandmeister is not as difficult as it may seem! This guide is assuming you already registered for a DMR ID on


Register an account on Brandmeister network

Step one is registering your account on Brandmeister network. This is painless and the approval process usually takes 4-12 hours from the time you sign up. Fill in the form with the proper information and submit it.


Sign into Brandmeister and setup your selfcare security

Step two - Once you get approved to sign into Brandmeister, sign in and head over to your selfcare page by clicking your call sign in the upper right corner to set a security password for your hotspot. This same password will be used in the configuration page under DMR Settings in PiStar to connect your hotspot. This also authenticates your hotspot to be used with Brandmeister.


Configure PiStar settings for YSF2DMR

Step three is configuring the PiStar MMDVMHost Configuration. For this to work, we need to tick YSF and YSF2DMR.


Now we need to edit the Yaesu System Fusion Configuration. The YSF Sartup Host should be set to YSF00002 - Link YSF2DMR. DMR Master is the Brandmeister server we will be using. I use the BM_3102_United_States. There are 3 servers in the US. You can see this page to see which server is closest to you in the United States and choose that server. Finally the DMR TG is the Talk Group you will be using on Brandmeister. Don't forget to apply all changes!


To find active talk groups and listen live online, you can use the Brandmeister Hose page. To use your radio to change talk groups, see this video. It may be different for your radio but it should be the same idea. Change talk groups on your radio while using YSF2DMR.

This should get you up and running using YSF2DMR. I hope you enjoyed the guide and 73!