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The Digital Radio YSF Reflector YSF10001

Hello and welcome! This YSF reflector is free to use for anyone. I only ask that you please use English language and that you do not bridge the reflector to any other nodes, repeaters or the likes without asking permission first.

I welcome all to the Digital Radio reflector! If you love tech like computers, servers, homelab and selfhosting, add this reflector to your memory bank and help me keep it active!

If you are looking to contact me on my reflector here, please note I am only on the reflector from 9am - 11am and in the evenings from 6pm - 8pm EST. Otherwise I am usually perusing and searching for other reflectors. This does NOT mean the reflector is down. The reflector is always online and available to use whether I am there or not.

If you want to use the reflector for private use, please understand, no public reflectors are private and anyone can be listening at any time.

You can visit the Digital Radio dashboard to see who is connected under the "Connected YSFGateways" section towards the top.

The Digital Radio YSF Reflector is being hosted on my Proxmox server using this docker image which also includes the dashboard.

As you can see, the docker container uses very little resources but this is yet to be tested on a heavy use case scenario.

I can easily manage the reflector via my Portainer dashboard.

There are very few active YSF reflectors right now that are dedicated to tech. If you would like to help out in any way to bring people to the reflector, feel free to do so! Invite anyone who is licensed.