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Yaesu FT-5D and ZumSpot Elite 3.5

This little bugger is quite the HT! I bought this almost exclusively for working digital using a Zumspot hotspot.

Beautiful display on the Zumspot 3.5. You can see activity even when you're not connected and your radio is off.

Pi-Star on the Zumspot. I modified the CSS to dark mode so it's easier on my eyes. See how I did that here.

Pi-Star:4.1.6 / Dashboard: 20211111

Stubby Comet SMA501 antenna works fantastic for working digital on the hotspot while in the house. This allows me to put the HT on my belt without snagging it or easily slip it into my pocket. Tested on all 3 floors of the house and in the garage with no issues and a very good 0.2 to 0.3 BER!

My little stubby holding the HT with the stubby 😀

Quick video demo of the HT and Zumspot. VERY simple to setup.