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Yaesu FTM-300D Photos

This radio was purchased November 27th 2021. I wanted a decent dual band radio that I can use for both mobile and as a base unit. I live in a HOA restricted area so my setup needs to be minimal and unobtrusive.

I'm running a Tram 1477-B dual band antenna on a tripod. So this setup is not a permanent solution but more a means to an end to keep myself out of trouble with HOA. I could put the antenna in my attic however, I'd have to run coax and I am not comfortable doing that here because we don't plan to live in this house much longer.

Photos of the box and packaging

Photos of the radio and power supply

Photos of the Antenna

The Tram 1477-B antenna is mounted on a heavy duty photo studio tripod. It came with everything needed to attach it to the tripod. I can raise it up to 15 feet if I wish. It works perfectly for my situation with the HOA. When I want to work the repeaters I can just take it outside and deploy it.